Cash For Clothes – What We Buy

We buy only good quality
Clothes (£0.50 per 1kg)
Paired Shoes (£0.50 per 1kg)
Belts / Bras / Suits (£0.50 per 1kg)
Handbags (£0.50 per 1kg)
Jewellery (£0.50 per 1kg)
Spring Wear (£0.50 per 1kg)
Autumn Wear (£0.50 per 1kg)
Winter Wear (£0.50 per 1kg)
Summer Wear (£0.50 per 1kg)
Htas / Jeans / Dresess (£0.50 per 1kg)
We don’t buy
Bad condition/wet/mouldy /stained/ripped/completely worn items, soft - plastic toys
Single shoes
Socks & tights
School/work uniforms
Vintage/old-fashioned clothing
CDs & DVDs
Bedding/ towels/ sheets/ curtains/ pillows/ duvets/ rugs/ blankets
All items are expected to be bagged up and be in good condition. Our staff reserve the right to refuse to buy any unsuitable items.

Cash For Clothes – Turn Your Children’s Clothes into Cash

It starts saving a baby sweater here, a shirt there, and the next thing you notice you have boxes of old clothes taking up space in wardrobes and basements. So, you are able to sell those piles of unwanted clothes for good money with Cash For Clothes Kings Lynn, Wisbetch, Simply book  your Children’s outgrown items and your unwanted maternity wear, and we’ll pay you on the spot. Also you can book a collection and get rid of clothes for cash without even leaving your home!

Cash For Clothes – Benefits To The Consumer

The industry enables people, usually in Africa or Eastern Europe, to buy good quality, fashionable clothing at affordable prices. It also fills an important gap in the market that UK native textile producers in developing countries have not been able to meet. — Textile Recycling Association

Used Clothing And Pollution

Diverting used clothes away from landfill produces greater carbon benefits than almost every other major household waste stream! Recycling clothes also results in significant water and waste benefits. This means that although used clothes only account for an estimated 3% of all household waste, it has become increasingly apparent that it is important to target textiles for recycling. — That’s just another reason to recycle your clothes for cash Kings Lynn, Wisbetch, Norfolk.